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What is the difference between a desiccant dryer and a hot air dryer?

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-05-21 15:16:07

In the industrial industry, dehumidifying dryers have gradually replaced the status of traditional hot air dryers. The reason for this is that dehumidifying dryers are better than hot air dryers in terms of performance and use. Of course, many people don’t know very well, what is the difference between a dehumidifying dryer and a hot air dryer?

First of all, we need to know the four elements of drying: temperature, air volume, time, and dew point value.

Compared with the general hot air dryer, the dehumidifying dryer first removes most of the moisture in the air, and then uses the air with very little water content to circulate the hot air to dry the material, (the dry air may reach Dew point of minus tens of degrees Celsius), so that the dry air can remove water from the material more effectively under heating, and it is especially effective for materials that are difficult to dry. It can dry the hygroscopic material more thoroughly. For ordinary hot air dryers, it can only rely on heating to volatilize the water on the surface and then blow it away with the wind. The water content of the final material can only be balanced with the water content of the air inhaled from the outside.

For materials that require very low water content to be molded, ordinary hot air dryers cannot meet the requirements. At present, some reforms of the hot air recovery cycle connect the air outlet with the air inlet, and the water will always circulate inside, and there is no place to drain, which is not perfect. However, Nijiasi dehumidification dryers have considered and effectively solved the above. The problem.

Compared with hot air dryers, dehumidification dryers have better dehumidification and drying effects, so that the status of dehumidification dryers in the industrial industry is becoming more and more important.
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