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What are the commonly used plastics for automobiles?

source:Dehumidifying dryer   release time:2021-04-30 15:48:01

What are the commonly used plastics for automobiles? What is the main application of plastics in automobiles?
In these auto parts, all the auto plastics need to dehumidify and dry each raw material. Usually a dehumidifying dryer is used, and the raw materials are proportioned and mixed. Usually, a gravimetric blender is used to produce automotive plastics. Accessories, the following introduces which plastics are used for the most common auto parts
1. Nylon material (PA)
Nylon is mainly used in automobile engines and engine peripheral parts. The main varieties are GFPA6, GFPA66, enhanced flame retardant PA6 and other products.
1. Application on peripheral parts of automobile engine:
As the surrounding parts of the engine are mainly heat-generating and vibrating parts, most of the materials used for its parts are glass fiber reinforced nylon. This is because nylon has good comprehensive properties. The main properties of nylon modified with glass fiber are greatly improved, such as strength, product accuracy, and dimensional stability. In addition, nylon has many varieties, is easier to recycle, and is relatively cheap. These factors make nylon an ideal material for engine peripheral components. The intake manifold is the most typical application of modified nylon materials in the automotive field. In 1990, the German BMW Motor Company first applied the intake manifold made of glass fiber reinforced nylon to a six-cylinder engine. After that, the intake manifold made of glass fiber reinforced PA66 by Ford of the United States was applied to the V6 engine, and then the world's major automobile companies followed up, and the modified nylon intake manifold was widely used.
2. Application in automobile engine parts:
Engine cover, engine decoration cover, cylinder head cover and other parts generally use modified nylon as the first
Compared with metal materials, the quality of cylinder head cover is reduced by 50%, and the cost is reduced by 30%. In addition to engine parts, other stressed parts of the car can also use reinforced nylon, such as oil filters, wipers, radiator grilles, etc.
2. Polyester material (PBT)
In the field of automobile manufacturing, PBT is widely used in the production of automobile parts such as bumpers, carburetor components, fenders, spoilers, spark plug terminal boards, fuel supply system parts, instrument panels, automobile igniters, accelerators, and clutch pedals. part. The competition between PBT and enhanced PA, PC, and POM in the automobile manufacturing industry is very fierce. PA is easy to absorb water, and the heat resistance and resistance of PC is less than that of PBT. In terms of auto takeover, PBT will gradually replace PA because it has better water absorption resistance than PA. In the case of high relative humidity and very humid conditions, the plasticity is likely to decrease due to humidity, and the electrical nodes are likely to cause corrosion. Modified PBT can often be used. At 80℃ and 90% relative humidity, PBT can still be used normally,
And it works very well.
3. Polyoxymethylene material (POM)
The automotive industry is the largest potential market for POM materials. POM has the advantages of light weight, high hardness, wear resistance, creep resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc. It is very suitable for manufacturing automobile pumps, vaporizer parts, oil pipelines, power valves, universal bearings, motor gears, cranks, and handles. , Instrument panels, automobile window lift devices, electric switches, seat belt buckles, etc., especially wear-resistant parts such as sliders, are the strengths of modified POM. These parts have low metal wear, reduce the amount of lubricating oil, and enhance the use of parts. life.
4. Polycarbonate material (PC)
Due to its excellent heat resistance, impact resistance, rigidity and good processing fluidity, modified PC is mainly used in automobiles for exterior and interior trim parts, parts around instrument panels, antifreeze panels, door handles, and overcast flow. Auto parts such as panels, brackets, steering column sheaths, decorative panels, air-conditioning system parts, and car light parts.
What are the main plastic parts used in automobiles?
Engine parts, water tank parts, air conditioner parts, air filter parts, various water bottles, instrument panel parts, seat parts, floor parts, roof parts, gear lever parts, steering wheel parts, door interiors Parts, rearview mirrors and various buckles and fixing parts, front and rear lights, air intake grilles, fenders, rear mirrors.