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How to maintain and repair the dehumidification dryer

source:Dehumidifying dryer   release time:2021-03-09 10:31:38

With the continuous expansion of the pharmaceutical industry, dehumidifying dryers have gradually replaced the traditional hot air dryers and have emerged in the pharmaceutical field. Most engineering plastics are hygroscopic. When the plastic is taken out from the moisture-proof sealed packaging bag and exposed to the air of a large dehumidification dryer, it will begin to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. If it is a conventional hot-air barrel dryer, Because the external air with moisture is used to dry the plastic, it cannot prevent the plastic from continuing to absorb moisture. Dehumidification dryer is mainly used to dry plastics with strong hygroscopicity. The dehumidification dryer sends the dehumidified low dew point air into one or more standard drying hoppers to improve drying efficiency and shorten drying time. The use of dehumidification dryers can be divided into stand-alone and centralized. Stand-alone dehumidification dryers usually include a dryer host, a dehumidifying dryer drying barrel, and a suction machine. The use of a single machine is suitable for a small amount of various drying, and its advantages are good drying efficiency and convenient and quick material change.
Maintenance and maintenance of desiccant dryer:
  (1) Ensure that the hot air is clean. dehumidification dryer
  (2) Measures should be taken to prevent coke dust and avoid backflow of hot air.
  (3) For viscous materials, measures should be taken to minimize wall sticking.
  (4) The exhaust air temperature is not allowed to exceed the requirements to ensure product quality and safety.
  (5) During the drying process of materials, all parts of the equipment in contact with the materials must be easy to clean and sterilize.
  (6) In order to improve the solubility of the product, instant dissolution, and dry products should be discharged from the drying chamber quickly and continuously, and packaged after cooling.