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What new technologies are applied to the desiccant dryer?

source:Dehumidifying dryer   release time:2021-03-09 10:35:28

Wet technology includes a series of dehumidification legal requirements affecting mechanical structures, fuel supply systems, brakes and other components and some components, which have restrained and promoted the research and development of mechanical technology. For example, the dehumidification regulations put forward the requirement of testing the dryness of the workshop, which is the so-called "compatibility". Therefore, it is necessary to study the structural measures to prevent side collisions and what kind of energy-absorbing materials should be used in the design of the whole vehicle. At the same time, advanced computer simulation technology should also be used to simulate the collision analysis of the whole vehicle.
     At present, in addition to some more mature dehumidification dryer technologies that have been widely used in machinery, some new dehumidification systems, night vision devices for night drying and headlamps that can emit infrared light are also being researched and tested.