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The impact of Industry 4.0 on the injection molding industry

source:Central conveying system   release time:2021-04-27 10:59:51

Experts predict that the 10-year internal robotics industry will enter a golden period of development, and at the same time it will enter a stage of intense competition. However, as an important symbol of modern industrial progress-automation, is it really as simple as "machine substitution"?
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To complete "Vertical Manufacturing 2025" and realize the transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, intelligent manufacturing will be the main direction of attack. At the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution sweeping the world, what adjustments are being made by domestic and foreign plastic processing manufacturers, or will they develop certain technologies to meet the needs of future smart manufacturing?
After painstaking research and development, Chen Hsong Group has developed a complete networked process chain for personalized mass product production, including injection molding technology and Industry 4.0 technology, to resolve the contradiction between mass standardization and high-end customization, and complete economical mass production of personalized products , This will also be one of the primary values ​​brought by Industry 4.0.
Self-adjustment technology is a technology aimed at the future. It has the characteristics of active adaptation and purpose-optimized adjustment when working conditions change. It is an important technology of Industry 4.0. Adjusting the process control system can immediately compensate for fluctuations in the injection molding production process experience, and complete stable high product quality, similar to the automatic cruise function of a car.
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Industry 4.0 promotes the transformation of China's injection molding machine
In fact, automation does not mean simply adding robots/manipulators to existing processes and replacing people. It is a system engineering, and it is the engineering that the "top leader" is responsible for. The strategic high-level guiding ideology of "full-scale planning and step-by-step implementation", because only the automation under the overall layout of lean production is the real automation, and the information of each station on the production line can be grasped in real time through informational means, and the data analysis is reversed. Re-optimize production. What is more special is that with automation investment, companies also need to optimize and adjust classification, including corporate management methods, talent structure adjustment, workshop staffing, production, and management systems informatization and cloudification.
Automation, informatization, and integration of the two are the key quintessence of the "At least Manufacturing 2025" plan. Looking to the future, gradually, standardization, and platformization are the overall development trends of the entire manufacturing industry including the injection molding industry.