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The centralized material conveying system has entered the plastic industry 4.0 cloud factory

source:Central conveying system   release time:2021-04-27 10:00:36

Centralized conveyor system has entered the plastic industry 4.0 cloud factory
With the further deepening of the integration of the two industrializations in the factory, another new business model will be born, which is the cloud factory.
The equipment in the factory is now very smart, they are constantly collecting their own data and uploading it to the Industrial Internet. At this point, we can see which factories and which production lines are running at full capacity and which ones are idle. These idle factories can then sell their production capacity to produce for others in need.
The reason for the rapid development of the Internet industry is that entrepreneurs only need to focus on product and model innovation, instead of buying servers themselves, but directly renting cloud services. At present, entrepreneurs in this industry still have to constantly strive to find OEM or self-built factories, which greatly limits innovation in the industrial field. I predict that after the completion of the Cloud Factory, I expect a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship in China's industrial sector, which will be more than a hundred times the size of the Internet, and everything in society will undergo profound changes by then.
Centralized conveying system
The centralized conveying system will first enter the plastic industry system, and will perform automatic feeding, automatic dehumidification, automatic drying, automatic weighing, automatic metering, automatic mixing, automatic mixing, etc., all of which will be completed from the console, which not only saves a lot of money Manpower, material resources, time, electricity and equipment. Make smart production more environmentally friendly to the factory and social environment.
The fifth world of Industry 4.0, a cross-border attack.

   The Internet industry says every day that dimensionality reduction will hit traditional industries, such as Google, Xiaomi, Alibaba, LeTV, but let me tell you, when Industry 4.0 enters the fifth day, the cross-border attacks of industrial companies will be a hundred times more violent than these Internet companies. This process will fundamentally shake the foundation of modern economics and management, and reshape the entire commercial society.

For example, a manufacturer of watches, this watch is attached to your body every day and collects various data of your body. These data may be useless for watch manufacturers, but it is a vault for insurance companies. At this time, watch manufacturers With a change, you can become the best insurance company.

   When automation and information technology are deeply integrated, cross-industry competition will become the norm, and all business models will be reshaped.

   Industry 4.0 is a great success, the Matrix.

   The entire Industry 4.0 process is a process of continuous integration of automation and information technology, and a process of redefining the world with software.

   In the future, the multiverse will become reality in the virtual world, and a real world will correspond to countless virtual worlds. Changing the real world will change the virtual world; changing the virtual world will change the real world. Everything is precisely controlled based on data. Most of human's physical and mental labor will be replaced by machines and artificial intelligence, and all current economic principles will no longer be tried.