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Analysis of the future development of plastic auxiliary machinery

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-03-06 13:51:25

In the current period when the economy has not fully recovered, the production efficiency, product quality and cost control of plastic processing enterprises are more related to the survival and development of enterprises. Therefore, choosing the right auxiliary equipment is of great significance for enterprises to win market competition.

Changes in the market under the economic crisis environment

The outbreak of the international financial crisis has plunged the global real economy into a crisis that has not been encountered in many years, and has also pushed the plastics industry into a precarious predicament. However, it is this crisis that has driven many changes in the market.

On the one hand, the economic crisis has caused plastic processing companies to further concentrate. Some marketable manufacturers will further expand their production scale through mergers and reorganizations to achieve economies of scale. These enterprises (including many private enterprises) are fully aware of the importance of the improvement of production efficiency and product quality to the enterprises, thus urging them to use their relatively good conditions to increase the intensity and scale of equipment upgrades against the trend to increase Product quality and production efficiency, while using new equipment and technology to develop new products to further expand the market

On the other hand, many international leading plastic auxiliary machinery suppliers are also using the temporary buffer period under the economic crisis to increase their R&D efforts. According to the specific economic and production conditions of each region, they have developed a variety of new products suitable for different markets and customer groups. The product is ready for the great development in the post-economic crisis period.

At present, the hot spots in the development of plastic auxiliary machinery mainly include: highly automated equipment, environmentally friendly products, lean production equipment, and customized special products.
Centralize automated production to improve product quality

After decades of development, the central feeding system of AEC Group has been widely used in various fields. They can not only save human resources and reduce human error, but also reduce the loss in the material transportation process and bring more economic benefits to customers.
The VTCL series central controller specially developed by AEC, based on the powerful ABPLC, combined with the colorful touch screen, provides customers with a friendly and convenient operation interface, which greatly reduces the failure caused by misuse. The modular central controller VTCD series based on ABPLC and DeviceNet fieldbus technology greatly expands the control range and setting flexibility, and greatly improves the on-site installation speed. The VTCD series central controller can be easily connected to multiple terminal devices of hundreds of meters with only 2 flat cables, and its position and settings can be changed arbitrarily, which provides the system with variability to meet the user's flexible and adjustable system Claim.

In addition, the reliability design and setting of the AEC central controller fully takes into account various complex working conditions, so that it can work stably in different environmental working conditions, which also eliminates some new users’ need for the central feeding system. Reliability doubts. In the Foxconn Group, the long-term stable work of AEC's multiple large-scale central drying and central feeding systems is a good proof.
Environmentally friendly products adapt to the requirements of social development
People pay more and more attention to the environmental friendliness of products, and it has become a necessary performance of products in some occasions.
AEC Group has been committed to the development of environmentally friendly products for many years. In 2009, the newly launched G-PAC series of green air-cooled/water-cooled chillers adopted environmentally friendly refrigerant R410a, which not only improved the operating efficiency of the system, but also increased the cooling capacity. Improve and meet the new environmental protection requirements that will be implemented globally in 2010.

In addition, the machine’s new modular electronic temperature control device can achieve high-precision temperature control of 0.1°F (0.056°C). Its integrated monitoring system will comprehensively monitor the working status of the chiller, including the inlet and outlet water temperature, compressor operating conditions, and water pump operating conditions, so as to more effectively protect the compressor and achieve long-life reliable operation. At the same time, its magnetic connection control box can be arbitrarily attached to any part of the chiller shell, which is convenient for customers to operate and maintain.

Lean production equipment
In plastics processing and production, the consumption and management of raw materials directly affect the cost and profitability of enterprises. In the post-economic crisis period, cost control is more important, so the distribution, transportation and measurement management of resin materials will undoubtedly receive special attention from enterprises. In the fields of injection molding, extrusion and blow molding that require the mixing of multiple materials, manual mixing and proportioning and addition of materials often result in a lot of waste. For those multi-variety production enterprises that need to change materials frequently, only a variety of tailings A waste of one item is very alarming.
Therefore, more and more companies are adopting the concept of lean production, using various metering and mixing equipment to perform computer-controlled automatic mixing of raw materials, and then equipped with a central feeding system for conveying, so as to integrate the material supply chain into precision In the management system. In this way, the management can monitor the material variety, supply and actual consumption of each machine at any time and anywhere, and can also monitor the actual consumption of different types of materials on each machine. Through this kind of lean production management, the abnormal loss of materials can be greatly reduced, and the cost saving benefits are obvious.
AEC Group provides a variety of automatic mixer series products to help companies automate batching and feeding when they need to mix materials and add additives. The BD series weighing mixer is the most widely used automatic precision mixing device of the group. It has high mixing accuracy and fast speed. It can be installed on injection molding machines and extruders, or on the ground to achieve correctness. Feeding of multiple equipment. In the process of replacing raw materials, this series can almost achieve zero waste of materials. GH series and OI series loss-in-weight mixers can achieve higher mixing accuracy and provide a reliable choice for customers who need more precise mixing. The DD series digital additive feeder can feed most granular and powder additives with extremely high feeding accuracy. In addition, AEC launched the latest AccuMeter integrated mixer in 2009, which represents the high-end technology of today's mixing equipment. AccuMeter Integrated Mixer is a weight loss integrated mixer suitable for a variety of materials. It has the ability to measure and mix pellets and powders, and the accuracy of the metering unit is as high as 0.02%. Its multiple self-diagnostic functions make the application easier and prevent users from misoperation.
At the same time, AEC's various mixers can be connected by the system monitoring and management software A3 via Ethernet, and the working conditions of all equipment are transmitted to the central control room or the management computer in real time, so that the management can monitor each equipment at any time. And the real-time working conditions of the equipment as a whole.
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