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Global construction machinery industry competition pattern in 2019, analysis of the current situatio

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-04-13 11:17:04

With the steady recovery of the global economy, the construction machinery industry has ushered in a golden growth period. Looking back at the development history of construction machinery in Japan and the United States, the rapid development of the industry has been accompanied by a substantial increase in the rate of local urbanization. Therefore, the current level of urbanization in developing countries such as China and India is relatively low, and there is still huge room for development, and China will still be the main market for construction machinery.

    Since the 1990s, the international construction machinery industry has always been in a state of steady growth, and the structure of the industry has not undergone fundamental changes: the four major markets of North America, Western Europe, China and Japan still account for about 75% of the market share; in recent years , The rapid development of emerging markets, such as Russia, India, South America, the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, etc., especially in Russia, India, Brazil and other major emerging economies, due to rapid economic growth, the infrastructure construction industry is booming. Machinery has a greater demand, and its market potential cannot be ignored.

    Judging from the ranking of industry enterprises, according to the ranking of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2019 published by the "International Construction" magazine of the British KHL Group, the total revenue of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2019 is US$184 billion, an increase of 13.5% over 2017.

    Among them, Caterpillar still ranks first in the world; Komatsu follows closely behind, occupying the second place on the list, but the turnover is close to Caterpillar; after John Deere acquired the Wirtgen Group for US$5.2 billion, it has increased. Strong, laid a solid foundation for breaking through the world rankings, and John Deere successfully jumped to the top three, fully verifying the strong corporate strength. Chinese construction machinery companies are developing to the highest level in the world, with XCMG Group and Sany Heavy Machinery both ranking in the top ten.

Top 10 world construction machinery manufacturers turnover in 2019

The market share of the top 10 construction machinery manufacturers in the world in 2019

    Current status of China's construction machinery industry

    Under the background of the country's sustained and stable growth in fixed asset investment and the gradual increase in infrastructure investment, the demand for construction machinery products has shown a strong growth trend. The demand for equipment renewal brought by the huge inventory of construction machinery, the incremental demand for equipment brought about by the steady growth of GDP, the export demand driven by the improvement of the overseas layout of China's construction machinery leaders, and the tightening of environmental protection, the replacement of machinery and other factors, are jointly driven The growth of the construction machinery industry will provide strong support for the sales of construction machinery in the next few years.

    In 2018, sales of nine major products in China's construction machinery industry increased by 25.5% year-on-year. Sales of loaders were nearly 120,000 units, an increase of more than 20%; sales of excavators exceeded 200,000 units, exceeding the previous sales peak; sales of truck cranes exceeded 30,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 58%; sales of forklifts reached a record high of 597,000 units , An increase of 20.2% year-on-year;. Only the paver fell slightly, a drop of 2.97%.

    At present, China's leading construction machinery companies have reached maturity in terms of brand, quality, sales and other aspects. They have completed overseas layouts and have stronger global operating capabilities. They are expected to further benefit from the increase in sales brought by overseas demand. In 2018, Caterpillar was the main export brand of Chinese excavators in Europe and the United States, and domestic brands, Sany Heavy Machinery, occupied a leading export position, followed by companies such as Liugong Machinery, Sunward Intelligent, and Xugong Group.

    Among the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2019, there are 9 Chinese companies on the list. According to the ranking, the domestic companies on the list are Xugong, Sany, Zoomlion, Liugong, Longgong, Shantui, Sunward Intelligent, Foton Lovol, Xiagong. 2018 was a year of strong development in the construction machinery industry. The top nine companies had a turnover of 29.566 billion U.S. dollars. The market share of Chinese construction machinery companies rose from 14% to 16%.

The turnover of Chinese enterprises on the list of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2019

In 2019, the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers are on the list, and Chinese companies occupy global market share

    Related report: "2019-2025 China Construction Machinery Industry Market Special Investigation and Investment Prospect Analysis Report" released by Zhiyan Consulting

    Analysis of the development prospects of the construction machinery industry

    China's construction machinery sales and fixed asset investment are positively correlated. In 2018, China's fixed asset investment growth rate was 5.9%. Although the growth rate was slow, the growth trend remained the same; in addition, the State Council meeting and the Politburo meeting in late July 2018 They all put forward the development tone of "guaranteeing infrastructure and promoting investment". In this context, the construction machinery industry will bring a tangible increase in sales.

    At the same time, China's machinery industry has also been quite effective in expanding overseas markets. It is reported that under the guidance of policies, Chinese construction machinery and equipment frequently appear in the construction of major international corridors such as China-Laos Railway, China-Thailand Railway, Hungary-Serbia Railway, and Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway. It can be seen that the overall strength of China's construction machinery has increased significantly.

    Environmental protection is becoming stricter, promoting the accelerated update of construction machinery mainframes

    In recent years, domestic environmental protection has been paid more and more attention, and the requirements for emission verification of excavators have become higher and higher. Since 2018, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council, and local governments have successively issued the "Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening Ecological Environmental Protection and Resolutely Fighting Pollution Prevention and Control", "Three-Year Action Plan for Winning the Blue Sky Defense", and "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Surrounding Areas" 2018-2019 Autumn and Winter Air Pollution Comprehensive Treatment Action Plan (Consultation Draft) and other policy opinions, the Environmental Protection Agency issued the "Non-road Mobile Machinery and Diesel Engine Pollutant Emission Control Technical Requirements (Consultation Draft)."

    As environmental protection is becoming more and more stringent, the trend of eliminating construction machinery below the national three standards is becoming more and more obvious. At present, the high-emission equipment is basically based on the National II and some of the National II equipment. It is not ruled out that the emission standards will be gradually increased in the future. Since December 1, 2017, the use of high-emission non-road mobile machinery is prohibited in areas within the Beijing Fifth Ring Road (excluding), the administrative area of ​​Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, and some administrative areas of Tongzhou District. Tighter environmental protection policies will greatly promote the upgrading of stock equipment, and equipment that does not meet emission standards will gradually be transferred to remote areas or directly exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions.

    Construction machinery remanufacturing development

    With the steady development of the construction machinery industry, remanufacturing has gradually become one of the mature labels of the industry. The so-called remanufacturing is the pursuit of low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and green manufacturing, which is regarded as the development direction of future industrial upgrading and substitution. According to data, engineering machinery remanufactured products are 60% more energy-saving than new products. On average, 55% of the components can be reused, which can save more than 80% of energy consumption during the manufacturing process. At present, the remanufacturing of the construction machinery industry has become an important part of its industrial chain. It not only provides customers with the best way to reduce product life cycle costs, but also effectively supports the country's call for the development of a green circular economy, and has become an important direction for the future development of the construction machinery industry.

    The general trend of intelligent transformation

    As China’s population ageing has become increasingly severe in recent years, labor shortages, and labor costs have risen significantly, intelligence has become the general trend, and construction machinery is no exception. Nowadays, all walks of life are seeking industrial transformation and upgrading. In particular, driven by the new generation of information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, informatization, automation, and intelligence have become the main path for the development of construction machinery enterprises. Through robot substitution, software informatization, and flexible production, companies can realize upstream and downstream information transparency, collaborative design and production, and greatly improve the quality and efficiency of production services. With the continuous advancement of industrial transformation and upgrading, the penetration rate of construction machinery in the future is expected to continue to increase. The new "four modernizations" (electricity, network connection, intelligence, and sharing) will be the focus of the development of the construction machinery industry in the future. The popularity of is the top priority.

    Looking at the current development trend of the construction machinery industry, taking into account the main construction machinery products' own renewal and replacement demand, the incremental demand brought by the increase in the inventory, the export demand, the stricter environmental protection, the intelligent transformation and other factors, the construction machinery industry is growing steadily Can be expected. In 2019, the construction machinery industry is expected to maintain a stable and good development trend.[Gravimetric blender]