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Ten Development Trends of China's Beverage Packaging in 2021

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-04-23 08:52:09

In recent years, technological innovation has never ceased, consumer preferences have continued to change, market competition has become increasingly fierce, and new legislative requirements have often emerged. These multiple factors have jointly promoted the rapid development of beverage packaging. But in 2020, as the new crown epidemic has triggered a series of shock waves in the global market, this development process of beverage packaging has been disrupted. Some development trends are still accelerating, while others are slowing down slightly and showing some new developments. Short-term trend. So, what are the trends in 2021? At the beginning of the new year, Wassim F. Labban, vice president of the rigid packaging business line of HUSKY Injection Molding Systems, announced the trends that will affect or drive the development of the beverage packaging industry in 2021.

01 Polarization of packaging size preferences

The 2020 Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing from December 16 to 18. Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the meeting, summarizing the economic work in 2020, analyzing the current economic situation, and deploying economic work in 2021. In his speech, Li Keqiang made specific arrangements for next year's economic work and made a concluding speech. The meeting held that this year is an extraordinary year in the history of New China. Facing the severe and complex international situation, the arduous and onerous domestic reform, development and stability tasks, especially the severe impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, we maintained strategic determination, accurately judged the situation, carefully planned and deployed, acted decisively, and made hard work. An answer sheet that is satisfied with the people and the attention of the world can be recorded in the annals of history. The meeting emphasized that 2021 is a year of special importance in the process of my country’s modernization drive. Macroeconomic policies must maintain continuity, stability and sustainability, and build a new development pattern. 2021 must take a good first step and see a new outlook. .
02 E-commerce promotes packaging development

One of the most noticeable developments under the new crown epidemic is the explosive development of e-commerce in all consumer categories. In the beverage industry, the business volume of online purchases and offline delivery has surged from alcohol purchased by individuals to beverages included in grocery orders. With the rise of e-commerce business and more products being sold online, manufacturers need to think more about the performance of their packaging design in home delivery and other situations, and how to adapt to different transportation and delivery scenarios.

03 Consumers pay too much attention to hygiene and safety

Is it safe for me to drink this? The new crown epidemic has pushed hygiene and food safety to the forefront, and consumers are more aware of hygiene and safety than ever before. Now more consumers choose safe packaging, such as PET bottles, whose drinking contact surface will not be exposed to pollutants in the air (unlike cans). No matter what the situation of the new crown epidemic in 2021, these hygiene-related preferences are likely to exist for a long time, so beverage manufacturers need to take this into consideration when choosing packaging solutions for their products.

04 Longer shelf life

Under the new crown epidemic, some beverage products can be stored on the shelf for longer periods of time, or smaller individually packaged products are sold in the form of combined packaging. Both of these factors make the requirement to store products fresh to the consumer node more challenging. Therefore, in 2021, more manufacturers will turn to focus on using technologies such as multilayer PET preforms to extend the shelf life to ensure fresher products and longer shelf life. These technologies help preserve and protect beverages such as dairy products and small-package carbonated soft drinks.

05 Products that are rich in nutrition and focus on health care are popular

In recent years, consumer demand for healthy beverages has continued to increase. The new crown epidemic has accelerated this trend, and brands have actively responded to this trend by adding immune-enhancing formulas and sensitive components, which has led to a larger and more dispersed product landscape. Similarly, this means that manufacturers need to have strong flexibility and adaptability, and be able to manufacture more diverse and complex products.

06 The sustainability of packaging solutions will become stronger

There will be a long-term trend towards more sustainable packaging and manufacturing processes. Some leading brands have launched packaging made of 100% recycled PET materials to make recycling more effective. The mainstream sustainable development trends that are expected to be witnessed in 2021 include: reducing the use of pure resin through lightweight measures, increasing the use of recycled PET, and promoting the transformation from other packaging materials to infinitely recyclable PET materials.

07 High-end and differentiation

High-end products for niche markets will prevail. The success of high-end products is largely due to packaging innovations, including heat-sensitive discoloration effects, complex bottle shapes and rich fluorescent effects in dark environments. These innovations and advancements give the products a high-end appearance and texture, which helps them to stand out from the competition. The high profit margins of high-end products give people reason to believe that there will be more and more such products in the next few years.

08 Customer co-creation/personalized packaging

As beverage manufacturers seek new ways to maintain close contact with consumers and gain differentiation from competitors, more personalized packaging is booming. An early popular case in this regard is Coca-Cola's customization of printing personal names on bottles. Many brands are now taking this approach to a whole new level. They provide highly personalized custom-made packaging services-customized creations based on pictures and text matched by consumers. One of the driving factors of this trend is the development of laser printing technology, which can directly print beautiful, personalized label graphics and text on PET bottles.
09 Smart Packaging

More and more beverage packaging designs incorporate "smart" technologies, including technologies such as QR codes, Near Field Communication (NFC), and Radio Frequency Identification Chips (RFID). These technologies are being used to provide consumers with an immersive and interactive experience and provide useful additional product information. Another key driver of smart packaging is that it makes product traceability and anti-counterfeiting identification easy and effective. There are many cases of such applications, including anti-counterfeiting identification of super first-line brands. Smart packaging creates stunning beverage packaging, which is expected to see wider adoption in the new year.

10 Siamese covers are sought after

As part of a broader sustainability initiative, the EU will require the use of one-piece lids on most disposable plastic containers by the end of 2024 at the latest. Similar regulations will soon be introduced in other parts of the world-it is only a matter of time, not of passage. In 2020, despite the impact of the new crown epidemic, more and more manufacturers who want to be at the forefront of regulations have adopted one-piece covers. Brand owners also use Siamese lids as an effective way to bring consumers a unique, pleasant, convenient and high-end drinking experience; this has also become a bright spot that distinguishes them from their competitors. Judging from the current interest of brands in the one-piece cover, 2021 will be the year when the one-piece cover will emerge and make great achievements on a global scale.

If beverage manufacturers want to take full advantage of these trends, they need to maintain a keen sense of smell for the changes that are taking place and follow the trend. Successful beverage producers will use the expertise of experienced partners like Husky to help them develop quickly and firmly. As an industry leader, Husky continues to lead the market trend and development of beverage packaging. The company relies on customer bar code data and industry market reports to monitor trends in real time; and through continuous development of solutions and dedicated efforts to help customers develop new beverage packaging applications to help promote the development of trends.[Gravimetric blender]