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Bangladesh will resume the China-Bangladesh route with conditions from April 21

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-04-23 09:05:19

Taking into account the needs of passengers for emergency travel, the Civil Aviation Administration of Bangladesh approved that the China-Bangladesh routes of Bangladesh Airlines, Bangladesh Uspeed Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines will be resumed on April 21, local time.

The Civil Aviation Administration of Bangladesh announced that passengers travelling to and from China and Bangladesh must bring a negative report of the new coronavirus within 72 hours before departure. Passengers entering Bangladesh must stay in hotels designated by the Bangladesh government for a 14-day centralized quarantine at their own expense. Airline companies can only apply for boarding passes only if they have confirmed that passengers have booked a quarantine hotel.

The Civil Aviation Administration of Bangladesh has imposed restrictions on the capacity of passenger aircraft to and from Dhaka. For flights from China to Dhaka, the narrow-body aircraft can carry up to 100 passengers, and the wide-body aircraft can carry up to 150 passengers. There is no limit on the number of passengers on narrow-body airliners departing from Dhaka. Wide-body airliners can carry up to 280 passengers, and Boeing 777 and Boeing 747 airliners can carry up to 320 passengers.[Gravimetric blender]