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Singapore:Singapore produces the world's most plastic waste per capita

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-04-23 10:00:50

According to a report by Bloomberg News Agency (Bloomberg) on ​​June 11, 2010, World Bank data shows that Singapore is the country that produces the most solid waste in the world, with an average of 1,400 kg of solid waste generated per person, and 3.72 per person per day. Kilograms of solid waste.

The solid waste generated per person in Singapore each year includes:

145.3 kg of plastic

275.4 kg of glass and metal

204.1 kg of paper and cardboard

202.9 kg of organic waste

546.2 kg of other garbage

This phenomenon can also be explained from a report of the World Bank in 2018. The report pointed out that countries with high income per capita and countries that are island countries produce more solid waste, and Singapore meets both.

Among all solid wastes, the most difficult type to deal with is plastic waste. World Bank data also shows that Singapore produces the most plastic waste in the world.

According to the National Environment Agency (National Environment Agency) data, Singapore's solid waste in 2019 was 7.2 billion kilograms, of which 4.2 billion kilograms of solid waste has been recycled and environmentally friendly. Only 4% of the plastic is recycled and environmentally friendly, which means that about 900 million plastic waste is discarded.

In addition, a research report by the National University of Singapore investigated the living conditions of 1,110 Singaporeans during the breaker period to determine the increase in plastic waste during this period. Most people order takeaways, shop online, etc. at home, and most of these are delivered in plastic bags. Therefore, Singapore added an additional 1.33 million kilograms of plastic waste during the circuit breaker.

Singapore produces the world's most plastic waste per capita

Currently, Singapore is already controlling the use of plastics. For example, NTUC requires an additional fee of 20 cents to use plastic bags. However, some netizens pointed out that the plastic bags in the supermarket are too particular about classification. You may receive more than 10 bags in a trip to the supermarket. Although the payment is 20 cents, it may still be of no help to environmental protection.[Gravimetric blender]