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Japan has developed plastic bags that can be degraded in seawater

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-03-06 13:56:10

From July 2020, plastic bags in all retail stores in Japan will no longer be free
From July 2020, plastic bags in all retail stores in Japan will no longer be free.
According to reports, this regulation applies to stores of all industries and sizes. All plastic shopping bags made from petroleum and other raw materials must be charged to customers, and the price of plastic bags will be determined by the merchants.

According to the report, there are exceptions to this regulation. The three types of plastic bags that use plant-based biomass plastics with a content of more than 25% and can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide in the sea, and with a thickness of more than 0.05 mm and reusable, are not subject to the charge Within range.

In this regard, Hosoda, a professor of environmental economics at Chubu University in Japan, said that “the payment of plastic bags is a very meaningful step”. He believes that “consumers will gradually realize that plastic bags are an important resource through payment Promote the recycling of plastic bags".

However, Hosoda also said that the proportion of plastic bags in the entire plastic waste is not too large, and consumers are not very good at distinguishing the materials of plastic bags outside the scope of charging regulations. He hopes that "in the future, we can discuss the overall use of plastic waste."[Gravimetric blender]