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The recycled plastics industry is expected to rise

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-03-06 13:49:36

With the implementation of various policies and measures, the impact of recycled plastics on the environment has been gradually brought to the fore. Recycled plastic avoids the damage of plastic products to the environment and has a huge impact on environmental protection. At present, my country's recycled plastics market is relatively scattered and needs further development. The analysis believes that with the increase of national support, the recycled plastics industry is expected to become a sunrise industry.
Policy support is increasingly strengthened, and the recycled plastics industry is expected to rise
  Plastic products are the main culprit of "white pollution". Experimental data shows that polyethylene (PE), which is commonly used in plastics, decomposes in nature for 200 to 300 years. During this process, pollution is serious. At the same time, it causes pollution to the soil, environment, and groundwater system after decomposition. Modern research and Scientific and technological means cannot yet be solved systematically.
   can be recycled and reused, which is a big advantage of plastics. Recycling has opened up a path of reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization for the treatment of waste plastic waste. As a measure to save energy and protect the environment, the recycling of waste plastics is generally valued by countries all over the world.
Chen Fudi, vice president of Zhejiang E-commerce Promotion Association, said: “Recycled plastics are of great significance to the social environment. For every 10,000 tons of waste materials recycled, 41,200 tons of natural resources can be saved. In 2016, my country successfully recycled 26 million plastics. Ton and above, reducing 6 million tons of carbon dioxide globally."
  In recent years, as a policy-led industry, the recycled plastics industry has attracted endless topics. Since the smog across the country in 2013, environmental protection has attracted attention, coupled with media reports of "foreign garbage incidents", toxic toys and BPA incidents, the reclaimed plastics industry has been sharpened, and the country has started from recycling, production, and sales. Intensify supervision. In 2016, the rectification was upgraded again. In 2017, Operation Sharp Sword was launched, and the concentrated areas across the country suffered or suffered provincial rectification without exception.
   The impact of environmental protection rectification on the recycled plastics industry cannot be underestimated. In this light market, it is undoubtedly worse, and the rumors about environmental protection rectification are still spreading across the country. According to incomplete statistics, 80% of waste plastic markets (such as Cixi, Baoding, Laizhou, etc.) have experienced or are undergoing market consolidation. More data show that nearly 50% of my country's waste plastics market is strictly banned, with significant water cuts, power cuts, deductions, fines, and dismantling of machinery. Only a small part of them can be regulated and guided.
Analyzing the current situation of the industry, it is not difficult to find that although the recycled plastics industry has now shown a new pattern of "small companies closing down, medium-sized companies barely maintaining, large companies and giant companies surging, multi-directional cross-border extension of the industry, and the Internet is highly sought after" , But the development of the industry is still struggling.
Wang Yonggang, secretary general of the Recycling Plastics Branch of the China Material Recycling Association, has repeatedly emphasized that there is no gap between my country and developed countries in terms of technology and technology. And system building. “The state now supports the recycling and utilization of renewable resources very strongly. The 50% value-added tax refund policy was implemented in May 2015. If the front-end problems are not resolved, these policies will not be implemented.”
  Zhongyu Information analyst Zhao Yanling pointed out that the development of recycled plastics has been slow. The strong dependence on the market and the characteristics of its production and development require industrial upgrading and transformation. Environmental protection is imminent. In the eyes of everyone, this will be a tough battle to "turn waste into treasure" in the recycled plastics industry.
   In summary, although the recycling industry conforms to the strategy of sustainable development and can promote economic growth, compared with the utilization of renewable resources in developed countries, the renewable resource recycling industry is still in its infancy in my country. Therefore, it not only needs policies to guide its development in a standardized and orderly direction, but also cannot do without government support, so as to make it a veritable sunrise industry.
   According to new news reports, on June 21, the "Green Upgrade, Reshape the Future" 2017 Recycled Plastics Industry Summit was held in Hangzhou. At the summit, the domestic recycled plastics environmental protection charity alliance was established, which is expected to contribute to the healthy development of my country's recycled plastics industry. It is reported that the establishment of the alliance calls on the public to raise awareness of environmental protection, start with the trivial matter of garbage classification, practice green public welfare, and reduce the difficulty and cost of recycling of recycled plastics. On the other hand, it can gather environmental protection companies in the industry to demonstrate. Promote the model, let innovation drive the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, and let the green promote the operation of the enterprise, thereby enhancing the environmental awareness of the entire industry.
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