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What should I do if the gravimetric blender has the problem of mixing light and heavy powder?

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-04-13 11:35:12

In the powder metallurgy industry, it is easy to have some mixing problems in the process of using traditional gravimetric blender to mix carbon powder and iron powder, which is also called the mixing problem of light powder and heavy powder. Because the powder metallurgy mixed raw materials are mostly carbon powder and other metal powders, the specific gravity of the materials is quite different; for example, the specific gravity of carbon powder is 0.7, and the specific gravity of iron powder is 2.6-3.1. It appears that the light powder always floats on the upper part of the material, and the heavy powder always sinks to the bottom of the barrel. It is difficult for the light powder to mix into the heavy powder. So, how to solve the mixing problem of the weighing mixer? The answer will be given below:

The traditional gravimetric blender is generally to increase the mixing time and add auxiliary mixing equipment, such as steel balls; but this method cannot solve this phenomenon, and it will also cause some new mixing problems. For example, increasing the mixing time will increase the friction of the material. Time and time have destroyed the original appearance of the powder, and severely restricts the production capacity of an enterprise; after the addition of responsible equipment, collisions between equipment will easily produce impurities and contaminants, which seriously affect the quality of the materials.

In response to the mixing problem of light and heavy powders, the market has developed a new type of dual motion mixer. Some large enterprising companies have begun to use the new dual motion powder metallurgy mixer on a large scale to solve the problem of mixing light and heavy powders. This new type of powder metallurgy mixer is a set of power system and two sets of motion systems. While the barrel rotates to eliminate dead angles, the full-size blades inside the barrel also rotate at the same time, which has the force to hold the material and can easily Floating in the heavy powder entrapped by the light powder above, complete mixing between the light and heavy powder.

Using the above method, the difficulty of mixing light and heavy powders in the gravimetric blender can be solved to a large extent, and the normal mixing of various powders can be ensured without affecting the yield and quality.
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