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The characteristics of the Gravimetric blender are as follows

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The characteristics of the  Gravimetric blender  are as follows:
1. When all materials are uniformly mixed by weighing and measuring, the measuring accuracy can be within ±0.1%.
2. Automatic repeat calibration function. After each weighing, the program will be automatically checked to ensure the best batching accuracy. It has a formula storage function and can store up to 40 formulas.
3. With alarm history record function.
4. The standard equipment of weighing mixing system is machine installation type (including magnet blanking seat).
5. The standard equipment of the weighing mixer system is a stand-mounted type (equipped with a stand, storage barrel, discharge valve and suction box).
6. Equipped with Ethernet communication function to realize the centralized monitoring function of networking with the molding machine.
7. With automatic suction control function.
 Gravimetric blender
The optional equipment for weighing mixer is as follows:
1. The optional low-level meter of the batching hopper is convenient to alarm in advance when the raw material is lacking.
2. When the weighing mixer is used for ground installation, it needs to be equipped with a tripod, a feeding valve, a storage barrel and a suction box.
3. Optional micro-screw metering is used to measure materials with a ratio of 0.2% to 0.5%.
4. A special material bridging breaker can be selected for use in film, sheet or irregular crushing of recycled materials.
5. Optional USB data collection function can read the actual addition ratio of each batch of raw materials, recycled materials, color masterbatch, and additives.
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