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The difference between gravimetric blender and mixer

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The mixer is a kind of intermittent mixing, that is, in the mixing barrel, the feeding process of multiple raw materials is completed first, and the shu can be measured during the feeding process. Then stir and mix, and finally discharge the material to complete the entire mixing process. This kind of mixer is generally mainly used in the chemical and other energy industries.
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The weighing mixer is a continuous mixing equipment. Its main feature is that several materials can be measured, fed, mixed, and discharged. The equipment can be fed and discharged at any time during the operation of the equipment. This type of mixing equipment is generally widely used in the cement industry. The cement weighing mixer is the cement homogenization equipment. Generally used in the building materials industry, there are more characteristic pneumatic and mechanical compound weighing mixers produced by Gongyi Yili Machinery. This type of weighing mixer is widely used and has better results. , The mixing efficiency is also high, so it is pushed into the mainstream.
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