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What are the operating specifications for using a Gravimetric blender ?

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1. The weighing mixer is operated according to the specified method. Those who are not trained or familiar with the operator are strictly prohibited from using the color mixer without authorization.
2. Regularly refuel the bearings and gears of the machine.
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3. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to reach inside or rotate parts.
4. The power must be turned off during cleaning or maintenance.
5. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the rated weight (100KG), and the dust and impurities in the hopper must be cleaned before mixing.
6. Jog before color mixing to ensure that it is turned on and used under no abnormal conditions.
7. Turn off the power after the color mixing is over.
8. Keep the machine clean in each shift, and maintain the machine every day. It is strictly forbidden to place other sundries around the color mixing machine, and keep the inside and outside of the box clean.
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