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Weighing type gravimetric blender

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Weighing type gravimetric blender
70 ~ 2725 kg per hour, 
up to 8 kinds of materials mixed 20-60 liters upper hopper Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Siemens or AB brand controller

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Detailed introduction:
product features:

Heavy-duty modular structure

• Removable weighing hopper, mixing bin and mixing agitator, as well as a complete monolithic frame
• Discharge outlet with heavy sliding door, stainless steel fittings with hard surface (most models)

Industrial mixing silos
• Efficient design ensures that all components of the material can be fully and evenly mixed in both directions.
• Removable mixing bin, fully welded front seam and piano hinged inspection door.
• Removable stainless steel mixing blade.

Continuous material flow
• The No. 3 upper hopper uses an oversized sliding valve to facilitate the outflow of recycled materials.
• Adjustable sliding valve stroke limiter, convenient for accurate metering of light materials.
• The oversized weighing hopper and the large gate at the bottom increase the percentage of recycled materials.

safely control 
• There is a safety interlock system at the door of the mixing chamber to open the door and cut off the power and gas
• The thermal protection of the heavy-duty industrial mixing motor is interrupted.
• A variety of formula modes are available, simple control and convenient operation.

Mixer bracket
• The bracket of the heavy-duty mixer is equipped with a cast-aluminum heavy-duty discharge valve and a pneumatic discharge gate. BD-150 and BD-500 models use a 30" width bracket. Larger mixers should use a 56" width bracket.
• The standard bracket is also equipped with a standard pneumatic discharge valve and controller, and there are two hopper specifications to choose from, 2.0 cubic feet or 3.5 cubic feet of hopper.
• Both types of brackets have corresponding configurations, making it easy to choose.
• Lightweight casters are very convenient. (This caster is not used for heavy-duty supports with a width of 56")
• The cast aluminum pneumatic gate with controller ensures that the material is mixed evenly before unloading. Especially in the use of the bracket provided by the customer or other special configurations.
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