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What is gravimetric blender?

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What is gravimetric blender?
Gravimetric blender are used in the injection and extrusion industries. In this industry, a variety of Color masterbatch granules, plastic pellets and various powders need to be accurately mixed in proportion, and the weighing and mixing accuracy can reach ±0.1%.This is an automatic equipment that can automatically weigh and automatically mix various raw materials that need to be mixed in precise proportions. This is a mechanical device that integrates weighing, metering and mixing functions. The Gravimetric batch blender will weigh the raw materials proportionally by weighing and measuring the degree, and then enter the mixing tank for raw material processing. High-speed impact and dispersion can achieve rapid mixing, dispersion and refinement of functional and efficient equipment. The measurement can be accurate to particles, and the mixing accuracy can be as high as ±0.1%. One equipment adopts PLC controller, which can mix multiple raw materials at the same time after accurate weighing and mixing. It has advanced batching algorithm, excellent production performance, automatic alarm and error correction function, stable operation, safe and reliable comprehensive technical characteristics. Technology to solve manual weighing errors and uneven mixing in production.
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Especially in the medical and environmental protection industries, the machine will completely adopt food stainless steel materials, and adopt a fully enclosed feeding and discharging method to avoid external pollution.
Use PLCT program console and precision meter to uniformly Gravimetric blending of plastics, color masterbatches, granules, powder granules into a mixed raw material, automatic weighing, metering, and mixing are completed in one, reducing manual errors, Gravimetric blending one to 12 or more kinds of raw materials,
According to the different properties and sizes of the raw materials, the mixing barrels in the Gravimetric blender can be divided into:
Gravimetric blender types :Ball mill Gravimetric blender, Drum type continuous Gravimetric blender, Double pot Gravimetric blender, Countercurrent gravimetric blender, Wheel spin gravimetric blender, Double-shaft blade Gravimetric blender, Color Masterbatch gravimetric blender, Plastic pellet Gravimetric blender
The whole machine adopts different materials for the body according to the needs, such as ordinary steel, standard stainless steel, food grade 304 stainless steel and other materials.
The voltage of using this machine generally requires 380V, 220v, and the motor can be set as required!
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