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Is the weighing type gravimetric blender installed on the injection molding machine?

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Gain in weight (sometimes called a batch blender)

A gain in weight gravimetric blender has two or more hoppers arranged above a weigh-pan. These hoppers contain the components which are to be mixed, at the base of each hopper there is a valve to control the dispensing of material from the component hopper into the weigh-pan. The components are dispensed one at a time into the weigh pan until the target or batch weight is reached. Once the batch has been weighed out the contents of the weigh-pan are dispensed into a mixing chamber where they are blended. The resulting mixture exits the base of the mixing chamber into the processing machine.
The weighing type gravimetric blender machine is suitable for the occasions where a variety of raw materials need to be accurately mixed according to the weight ratio in plastic injection, extrusion or hollow molding. This series of products adopts German Siemens PLC control system, adopts advanced batching algorithm, can be automatically calibrated according to the actual feeding volume to ensure accuracy, and the operation screen is simple, easy to learn, and convenient. This series of products uses high-precision weight sensors to control the batch mixing ratio difference within ±0.1% to ±0.3%. Customers choose the appropriate model according to the hourly usage and the number of types to be processed.

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