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The design and application principle of gravimetric blender controller

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The design and application principle of gravimetric blender controller
Design of the supporting frame of electronic container scale

Reasonable selection of the height of the support is an important condition to ensure the stability of the container. Under permitted conditions, it should be placed so that the bearing plane of the container fixing frame is higher than the center of gravity of the container, which is conducive to the stability of the container.

The supporting frame of the container, whether reinforced concrete or steel frame structure, is required to have sufficient rigidity.

In general, a thick steel plate on the bottom of the sensor is not plastic. It can load the force value on the support beam with a relatively small stress density, and will not change the force state of the sensor due to the inclination of the contact surface. Otherwise, the measurement accuracy will be seriously affected.
The overall check of the electronic container scale
Therefore, the sensitivity coefficient of each sensor must be adjusted in advance; the weighing instrument must also be adjusted and matched with a force measuring machine in advance.
Because of the level of sensor installation, the possible influence caused by the limit rod can only be corrected in the overall on-site calibration.
The overall check of the small container can be carried out with a concentration code or with accurately weighed water or sand bags.
For large vessels, the loading and unloading test should also be carried out with the spindle code that may apply pressure (usually 0.1% of the rated load). This kind of easy-to-do check can completely check the error between the displayed value and the actual value, and it can find the improper parts in the installation.
Application example of electronic container scale
Automatic batching electronic container scale
Automatic batching system for six kinds of raw materials in ironworks. The six raw materials needed in the process are respectively installed in six different large silos. There are six weighing hoppers corresponding to the large silo. According to the formula ratio of the ironmaking process, the six weighing hoppers have different sizes and diameters.
In order to separately display the weighing results of the six raw materials, each weighing hopper is equipped with an independent digital display.
For example, when the sensor of the No. 1 weighing hopper automatically receives the weighing instrument system, it will carry out automatic tare, replacing the fast feeding control of the large hopper. The circuit is connected, and the weighing hopper is charged at a speed of 10kg/s. When the material weight is equal to or greater than the predetermined value, the output is high and the automatic feeding circuit is automatically closed, and the slow feeding circuit is turned on at the same time, and the material is fed slowly at a speed of 5kg/s. When the material weight is equal to the given value of the weighing, the power supply of the vibrating feeder is automatically cut off, and the feeding is stopped. Under the control of the computer, it is discharged into the conveyor belt at a certain speed when the production process requires it.
The automatic batching electronic container scale can measure the automatic batching of blast furnaces, electric furnaces, lime kilns, cement industry sintering furnaces in alloy enterprises, reaction pots of chemical enterprises and other similar production processes. 
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