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Manufacturing method of weighing and error-preventing material discharging system for high-speed mix

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The purpose of the mixing process in the production process of lithium ion cathode material is: to mix two different materials thoroughly and uniformly in the form of high-speed stirring according to the ratio required by the process. This high-speed stirring equipment is a high-speed mixer;

The traditional high-speed mixer includes three parts: feeding, metering, and mixing. See Figure 1. Before mixing, the two materials enter the mixing bin through a single metering, and after the mixing is completed, they are discharged to the transfer device (ton bag or transfer barrel), and the weighing is performed manually. After feeding to the next process. If there is an error in the measurement during this process, it cannot be predicted in advance. After the mixing is completed and manual re-scale is found to have an error in the mixing ratio, this batch of materials will be treated as waste; this situation is a waste of raw materials, as well as labor and energy.
Technical realization elements:
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The purpose of the utility model is to provide a high-speed mixer weighing and error-preventing material discharge system,

Its purpose 1 is to avoid mixing abnormal materials with high-speed mixers and reduce energy consumption in high-mixing processes.

Its purpose 2 is to prevent the material flow with the wrong material ratio from being transferred to the next process.

The purpose of the utility model is achieved through the following technical solutions: a high-speed mixer weighing error-preventing discharging system, which includes several sets of metering devices, a high-speed mixer with a first weighing device, and a second weighing device The storage bin and the calibration module for collecting and comparing weight data, the metering device, the high-speed mixer, and the storage bin are connected in order for material transmission. The calibration module is respectively connected to the metering device, the first weighing device, and the second weighing device. Device to collect weight data.

Compared with the prior art, the advantages of this utility model are:

1. Avoid mixing abnormal materials with high-speed mixers and reduce energy consumption in high-mixing processes.

2. Prevent the material flow with wrong material ratio from going to the next process.

3. Cancel the manual weighing link and reduce manual operation.

Description of the drawings

Figure 1 is a traditional high-speed mixer system.

Figure 2 is the weighing and error-preventing material discharge system of the high-speed mixer of the present invention.

Detailed ways

The following is a comparison of this book in conjunction with the drawings and embodiments of the specification.

Technical realization elements:
Detailed description:

As shown in Figure 2 is a schematic diagram of the structure of the utility model,

A high-speed mixer weighing error prevention system, which includes several sets of metering devices 1, a high-speed mixer with a first weighing device 21, a storage bin 3 with a second weighing device 22, and a collection Comparing with the weight data collection and calibration module, the metering device 1, the high-speed mixer 2, and the storage bin 3 are connected in sequence for material transmission. The collection and calibration modules are respectively connected to the metering device 1, the first weighing device 21, and the second scale. The weight device 22 is used to collect weight data.

The first weighing device 21 is installed at the bottom of the high-speed mixer.

The storage bin 3 is provided with a bracket 31, and the bracket 31 is erected on the second weighing device 22.

The first weighing device and the second weighing device may be floor scales or electronic scales currently available on the market.

The bottom of the storage bin 3 is in the shape of a funnel. Facilitate the convergence and discharge of logistics.

The outlets of the metering device 1, the high-speed mixer 2, and the storage bin 3 are respectively provided with a first control valve, a second control valve, and a third control valve. The valves are respectively connected with the collection and calibration module. Whether the material is discharged is realized by the switch of each control valve, but whether the material is suitable for discharge needs to be determined according to the weighing data. The collection and proofreading module determines the different control valves to open at different times according to the comparison of the data. The collection and proofreading module here is a device that can store and calculate data, such as computers, integrated circuits, and so on.

The specific method of use of the utility model is as follows: in the high-speed mixing production process of lithium ion cathode material, by opening the first control valve, the material that has been metered by the metering device is put into the high-speed mixer; the first weighing device of the high-speed mixer 21 pairs The material is re-scaled once, and the re-scale data is automatically stored through the collection and calibration module; after the high-speed mixing of the lithium-ion cathode material is completed by the high-speed mixer 2, the second control valve is opened to discharge the mixed materials to the storage bin 3 for the second time. After re-scaling, re-scaling data is automatically stored. If the data collected and checked by the calibration module is within a reasonable range, the third control valve is opened for discharge. The above is a complete set of steps; in actual operation, you also need to consider the comparison of data. If there are special circumstances, the above steps may be adjusted.

Automatically compare the measurement data and one-time re-scale data, and compare the difference between the two data. If the data difference is greater than the set value, the material will not be mixed at high speed, but will be automatically discharged by the high-speed mixer and storage bin (that is, when the material is After entering the high-speed mixer, without mixing, directly open the second control valve and the third control valve, so that the unmixed materials are directly discharged);

When there is a deviation between the secondary re-scale data and the primary re-scale data, it can be judged that the material in the high-speed mixer is not cleaned, and the high-mix mixer is automatically started to continue discharging (that is, continue to open the second control valve and close the third control valve until The position of the secondary rescale data and the primary rescale data within the error range).[Gravimetric blender]