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This innovative dosing system has been developed to ensure high accuracy, versatility and accuracy in extrusion processes, enhancing the advantages of both the gravimetric batch technology and the loss-in-weight systems.

HENJU H allows a versatility of use that has never been achieved before, thanks to 8 dosing stations: each station is added or replaced by a simple mechanical operation without the need for complex manoeuvring and in conditions of complete safety for the operator and for nearby equipment. The HENJU H dosing system has been designed and built in such a way as to allow complete traceability of each component and the repeatability of each cycle, also as a consequence of the new trapezoidal shape of the dosing gate, which allows further precision, with the integration of a rapid unloading device.

The particular design of the patented spherical mixer, with double load cells, prepares a completely homogeneous and precise blend of the various ingredients.

HENJU H is available in three models - HJ200 - HJ600 - HJ1200 - with different initial configurations to meet any application field of extrusion and is suitable for both single extrusion and co-extrusion lines.

Advanced control system
The use of HENJU H is simple and intuitive: control is achieved through a latest-generation PLC system, while a new HMI allows the operator to view in real time the running of the process and all the operating parameters for the total extrusion control.

Integration with Winfactory 4.0 and TeleService
Quantum E is ready for complete integration with Winfactory 4.0, the new software for production processes monitoring, developed for the Smart Factory of Industry 4.0.

Winfactory 4.0, working with 15-inch touch screen panel, allows complete plant management and accurate measurement of material and energy consumption. Another 4-inch color touch screen is embedded in the blender structure to perform the TeleService function, through Piovan's remote technical support service.

The control interface is available in 11 languages, with a color touch screen panel - 7" or 15" - and allows the management of a system from 1 to 11 layers.[Gravimetric blender]