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Product introduction of Gravimetric blender
The weighing-type mixing mixer is suitable for the occasions where a variety of raw materials need to be accurately mixed according to the weight ratio in the plastic injection, extrusion or hollow molding process. The controller of this series of products adopts German Siemens PLC control system, and adopts advanced batching algorithm. It can be automatically calibrated every time it is turned on to ensure accurate accuracy and easy to learn and convenient operation. This series of products uses a high-precision weight sensor to control the batch mixing ratio error (depending on the set ratio) within ±0.1%~0.3%. Choose the appropriate model according to the number of types to be processed and the amount per hour. This series of products is divided into twelve models.
Featuresgravimetric blender,plastic dosing unit,Gravimetic batch blender,Gravimetric dosing system,gravimetric dosing and mixing units
All materials are uniformly mixed after gravity measurement, and the accuracy can be strictly controlled
Advanced batching technology can accurately control and measure the proportion of each processed material
Automatic repeat calibration function, after each weighing, the program will be automatically calibrated to ensure the best batching accuracy
Up to four raw materials can be processed at the same time
Removable structure design, easy to clean
With recipe storage function, up to 100 groups of recipes can be stored
Standard equipment is machine installation type (equipped with magnetic base, manual discharge valve), and pneumatic discharge valve is also provided as an option
When the machine is used for ground installation, it needs to be equipped with a tripod, pneumatic discharge valve, storage bucket and suction box
With alarm history record function
Optional data storage card to save and record the mixing ratio data, which is convenient for production quality control
Optional output function of analog signal (0~10V) per hour of processing capacity
Optional batching hopper low level gauge to facilitate early warning when raw materials are lacking
When changing to European safety circuit type, add after the model[Gravimetric blender]