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Color powder raw material automatic gravmitric blending system

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-05-25 09:59:33

Color powder raw material automatic gravmitric blending system equipment, paint raw material auxiliary materials, pigment automatic batching system equipment and machine introduction:
    Color powder raw material automatic gravmitric blending system equipment, paint raw material auxiliary material pigment automatic batching system equipment, is aimed at pre-mixed feed, trace element additives, pet feed, rubber, rubber, rubber, color powder, paint additives, auxiliary materials, High-precision, fully automatic batching system developed for chemical paint raw materials, friction materials, refractory materials, daily cosmetics, pigment accessories, fertilizers, food, medicine, environmental protection, building materials, batteries, mining, powder metallurgy, salt, ceramics and other industries. The system has the function of automatically weighing and distributing powder raw materials, auxiliary materials, granular materials, oil materials and other materials according to the required production formula. It can be adapted to different specifications of internal mixers, mixers, extruders, and injection molding machines of 35~150L Machines, etc., suitable for the production of large and small material formulas, intelligent storage of production formulas, recall of production formulas at any time, storage of production data, etc., helping product quality traceability.
Color powder raw material automatic gravmitric blending system
Technical parameters of automatic gravmitric blending system equipment for color powder raw materials, auxiliary materials of paint raw materials, automatic batching system equipment for pigments:
1. Batching capacity: 4~50 kinds of materials, suitable for a variety of formulas;
2. Single material distribution capacity: 50g~50kg;
3. Storage capacity: 0.2~1m3;
4. Ingredients accuracy: ±1g, 2g, 5g, 10g, 20g;
5. Batching speed: a batch of 5 to 30 minutes, a batch of 10 barrels (the number of barrels can be set);
6. Control system power supply: AC220V 50Hz;
7. Control system power supply: three-phase AC380V 50Hz;
8. Input air pressure: ≥0.35Mpa;

Color powder raw material automatic weighing batching system equipment, paint raw material auxiliary material pigment automatic batching system equipment and other functions:
1. Real-time display of ingredients status;
2. It has the function of ingredient statistics and can be traced;
3. The formula can be saved and the range can be adjusted;
4. Query with operation records to facilitate accountability;
5. With operation authority function;
6. With real-time report and alarm function;

    Powder raw material automatic gravmitric blending system, automatic multiple powder raw material formula batching system equipment, feed automatic batching system, feed batching equipment, automatic batching machine are widely used in industrial production in the fields of rubber, feed, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and grain. In the process, it implements automatic batching and weighing and automatic conveying of powder and granular micro-raw materials. The equipment can continuously and accurately complete the following operations for powder, granule, block and bulk materials in various industrial production environments: automatic weighing of trace substances, automatic quantitative batching, and automatic conveying control. Its performance is stable, reliable, intelligent and precise, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the industrial production of micro-substance batching system, and at the same time completely eliminate the error rate that may occur in manual gravmitric blending of micro-substances. Additive micro-component computer batching adding system can improve the accuracy of feed additive micro-components and the efficiency of batch weighing, completely overcome a variety of human operation errors, avoid multiple feed additive ingredients weighing and adding accidents, and minimize the amount of micro-components. The various economic losses caused by the weighing of the ingredients can significantly improve the production efficiency of the feed factory, and realize the safety, quality, cleanness and efficiency of the ingredient, weighing and addition of the micro-components of the feed additives. Automatic weighing batching control system, also known as automatic batching production line system. It is widely used in cement, steel, glass, coal, pharmaceuticals, feed, building materials, PVC plastic, rubber, compound fertilizer, brick making, food, printing and dyeing and many other industries. It is usually composed of an automatic batching electrical control system, a controlled feeding device (equipment), and a monitoring system. Compared with artificial ingredients, it can save a lot of labor costs in the production process, reduce labor intensity and reduce environmental hazards to the human body, and greatly improve the quality stability, accuracy and production efficiency of the end product, which brings huge benefits to the enterprise. Static batching is suitable for sites without continuous batching requirements. These sites do not require high batching time. Batching can be carried out in batches. A certain time interval between batches is allowed. For example, the time interval between two batches before and after the blast furnace tank is loaded is 3~5min, each batch is composed of multiple materials, the proportion of materials is relatively fixed for a period of time according to the process requirements, and the composition ratio of a single batch is strictly required, as long as the composition ratio of the materials in a large number of batches can meet the process requirements That's it.
   In the static batching mode, various materials are stored in different silos. The silo feeding generally adopts electric vibration feeding, spiral feeding or portal feeding. The measurement generally adopts a measurement warehouse, and is equipped with a pressure or pull type gravity sensor for force-to-electric conversion, and the signal is amplified by the secondary instrument and then connected to the PLC or DCS to complete the measurement. In some applications that require wide time requirements, a metering trolley can be used for unified measurement. The metering trolley runs along the track and is positioned under each silo for proportional addition of materials. The added amount of various materials adopts the method of subtraction. Calculation. There is also a single fixed measuring bin method, each bin is arranged in a row, and the measurement of each material also adopts the method of subtraction. The materials are added to the measurement bin in proportions from the chute or belt conveying, screw conveying and other methods.
   There are advantages and disadvantages between separate measurement and subtraction measurement. Separate measurement can be designed according to the weight and volume of each feed to design a suitable metering warehouse and metering instrument, which can improve the accuracy of measurement, especially for small proportion of materials, but the metering warehouse and metering equipment are doubled and the cost is higher. The subtraction method uses a measurement warehouse or a measurement trolley, and the investment in measurement equipment is small. At the same time, because the same measurement equipment is used, regardless of the measurement error, it can ensure that the materials are proportioned, but it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the small proportion of materials. Sex. After the measured materials are concentrated, they generally form a layered or segmented distribution, and are transported to the receiving port by conveying equipment (such as belts or trolleys), and then enter the next process to complete a batch of materials. Because the material metering, conveying, adding and other links can be overlapped in time, parallel mode can be adopted in the control process, so the feeding time can be saved and the feeding speed can be improved.
Mainly include the following aspects:
   (1) High precision: the adoption of new sensors, a more scientific weighing frame structure, and high-precision AD conversion modules. The design concept of the system effectively improves the overall measurement accuracy of the system;
   (2) High reliability: The high integration and simplicity of the circuit greatly reduce the failure rate of the system, reduce the amount of maintenance, and shorten the failure time;
   (3) Intelligentization: More new ideas and technologies are adopted in the system design, and the functions of the system are further improved. Information is shared with the management information system and the laboratory system. It can provide a variety of statistical data for management and automatically adjust the proportion of ingredients. , Quantity, etc. are optimized to achieve intelligent batching.
   (4) Distributed: Intelligent gravmitric blending units are widely used. The metering and control functions of the field units are gradually improved to form a distributed structure system. The reliability of the system has been greatly improved, and the computer has also changed from heavy metering. Freed from the control work, focus on data processing and batching optimization.[Gravimetric blender]