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Features of powder Gravimetric blender system

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-04-10 10:42:55

A new type of automatic Gravimetric blender system for powders relates to the technical field of powder production equipment. In order to solve the technical problems of low efficiency and inconvenient weighing of the existing mixing methods, it includes a main powder storage tank and a secondary powder Material storage tank, dust removal device and electrical control module. The main powder storage tank and the auxiliary powder storage tank are connected with a filter module, and the dust removal device is connected with the filter module. The filter module includes a filter plate, and the filter module is respectively connected with ingredients Metering module, the batching metering module includes a feeding unit and a weighing unit, the batching metering module is connected with an automatic mixer, and the electrical control module is connected with all modules, a dust removal device and an automatic mixer. The automatic mixer includes a support column and a tank. The support column is provided with a weighing sensor A, the tank body is provided with a mixing mechanism, the tank body is connected with a discharging channel, and the discharging channel is connected with a screen weighing device; the utility model has a high degree of automation and a high mixing efficiency And the advantages of convenient weighing.[Gravimetric blender]