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Working principle of load cell

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-04-05 10:58:40

The load cell adopts a metal resistance strain gauge to form a measuring bridge circuit, which is made by the principle that the metal resistance wire stretches and becomes thinner under the action of tension, and the resistance increases, that is, the effect of the change of the metal resistance with the strain received.

1. What is a load cell? The load cell is a conversion device used to convert a weight signal or a pressure signal into a power signal.

2. The construction principle of the load cell. Metal resistors have the property of obstructing the flow of current. Generally speaking, the more slender the metal wire, the greater its resistance value. When the metal resistance wire is stretched and contracted by an external force, its resistance value will increase or decrease within a certain range. Therefore, if the metal wire (or film) is tightly attached to the object to be measured, when the object to be measured expands and contracts under an external force, the metal resistance wire (membrane) will also expand and contract proportionally, and its resistance value will also change accordingly. The load cell is to paste the metal resistance strain gauge on the metal weighing beam to measure the weight signal.[Gravimetric blender]