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Manufacturing method of automatic weighing feeder

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-03-19 13:44:22

Feeders (machines used to convey materials) are indispensable equipment for light industry and heavy industry. The traditional feeder is a machine that uses the force of the machine's motion to apply force to the material and convey the material.
The machine is a mixing and feeding mechanism, including a main mixing tank. A second mixing tank is arranged below the first mixing tank. There is an inlet on the top of the secondary mixing tank. The feed port is connected to the bottom of the main mixing tank. The upper edge is provided with a support ring, which is arranged around the top of the secondary mixing tank. Both the primary mixing tank and the secondary mixing tank are equipped with mixing shafts. The mixing shaft penetrates the primary mixing tank, the secondary mixing tank, and the mixing shaft. The power mechanism is connected, the upper end of the stirring shaft is provided with a first-stage stirring blade, and the lower end is provided with a second-stage stirring blade. The primary stirring blade is located in the primary stirring tank, the secondary stirring blade is located in the secondary stirring tank, and the conveying pipe is arranged under the secondary stirring tank. , The middle of the conveying pipeline has a conveying end, which is connected with the bottom of the secondary mixing tank. The end of the conveying pipeline is equipped with a cylinder with a piston, and the outer cylinder is equipped with a lifting mechanism for lifting . The mechanism is connected with the piston through a connecting rod, and a check valve is provided at the end of the conveying pipeline.
However, this mechanism cannot achieve agitation on the side wall or the side wall of the cylinder, resulting in agglomeration of the material on the side wall.
[0005] The above-mentioned patent applications differ due to their invention objectives and technical problems to be solved. Therefore, their technical solutions include structural and methodological differences. For this patent application, they cannot simply be combined, otherwise it will result in a structure. The design is more complicated, or impossible to achieve, and so on.
[0006] How to design an automatic weighing feeder with a simple structure, easy to manufacture, lateral mixing, quantitative conveying of materials, and automatic weighing has become a technical problem that we urgently need to solve.
Manufacturing method of automatic weighing feeder
The purpose of this equipment is to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art and provide an automatic weighing feeder.
The equipment is completed through the following technical solutions. The automatic weighing feeder includes a supporting base and a barrel fixedly installed at the lower part of the supporting base. The lower part of the support base is fixedly installed with a support column, the bottom of the support column is provided with a base, the middle position is fixed with an electronic scale, and the lower end of the electronic scale is fixed with an electronic scale. The bearing shaft is welded on the base; a positioning mechanism is arranged between the upper end of the cylinder and the support base, and the support base is fixedly equipped with a motor, and the middle of the motor faces. There is a stirring shaft underneath, and a stirring body is detachably installed on the side of the stirring shaft. The bottom of the stirring body is elongated along the side wall of the stirring tank, and the bottom end of the stirring shaft is fixed with a feeding body. The support column controller is fixed above the level.
[0009] The bucket includes a top seat and a tapered hopper fixed below the top seat. The hollow cylindrical feed barrel is fixedly installed at the bottom end of the hopper. The positioning mechanism is connected between the top seat and the support seat. The threaded hole on the seat is fixedly connected with the positioning mechanism.
[0010] The positioning mechanism includes a bolt and a nut fixed on the upper end of the bolt and the upper part of the support base.
[0011] The support base is in the shape of a disc, at least a pair of fixed blocks are fixed between the bottom end of the motor and the top of the support base, the motor shaft extends downward at the middle position of the motor, and the motor shaft is fixedly connected to the stirring shaft the top of.
[0012] The stirring shaft includes a stirring side shaft and a feed shaft fixedly installed at the lower end of the stirring side shaft, the side surface of the stirring side shaft is fixedly inclined with the side shaft, and one end of the side shaft is inclined. It is fixedly installed on the agitating side shaft, the agitating body is detachably installed at the other end, and a conveying body is fixedly installed on the lower end of the conveying shaft.
[0013] The stirring body includes a trapezoidal stirring block, the middle position of the stirring block is provided with a mounting groove, and a screw is inserted into it[Gravimetric blender]