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Features of weighing mixer

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-01-19 14:44:53

Features of weighing mixer
Modular and detachable structure design, saving space and convenient cleaning;
Use universal PLC controller to ensure reliable performance and easy maintenance;
Adopt advanced control algorithm, independent optimization, automatic adjustment compensation and vibration prevention functions to ensure the best batching accuracy;
The standard model can handle up to four components (more than six groups can be customized);
Color graphic display, touch screen operation, multiple languages for selection;
With formula storage function, it can store more than 100 groups of formulas at most;
Hierarchical security password control and alarm history record function;
The controller is equipped with a standard USB2.0 interface, which can save the mixing ratio data to the U disk, which is convenient for production quality control;
With sound and light alarms, it is convenient for the equipment personnel to quickly and accurately reach the faulty machine site;
All parts in contact with raw materials are made of stainless steel to prevent raw materials from being contaminated;
It can be directly installed on the machine or optional tripod installed next to the machine (including pneumatic discharge valve).[Gravimetric blender]