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Product introduction of automatic gravmitric and blending system equipment for premixed glue product

source:[Gravimetric blender]   release time:2021-05-25 09:36:23

Product introduction of automatic gravmitric and blending system equipment for premixed glue production

1. Overview of automatic gravmitric and blending system equipment for premixed glue production
The automatic gravmitric and blending system equipment for the production of premixed glue is divided into material storage, batching, metering systems and electrical control systems. The control system has two operating modes, automatic and manual, with simple operation and flexible control, which can meet various production needs , Has extremely high practicality. It can be adapted to the batching and mixing control of powder, granule, liquid and other materials. We can tailor a set of stable and stable industrial batching control system and batching software system solutions for you according to your requirements.
2. Main functions and advantages of automatic gravmitric and blending system equipment for the production of premixed glue:
1. It has automatic batching control function and manual feeding control function for various solid materials in the formula.
2. With liquid scale gravmitric and blending liquid control function.
3. With the function of flow meter adding liquid control.
4. Timing control function for dry mixing, wet mixing and discharge of the mixer.
5. The system establishes a set of * security mechanism and user authority management system, and assists with the database security mechanism to ensure the safety of the software system data.
6. Adopting Chengdu Chengqi's hybrid computer system design, with stronger fault tolerance and high reliability.
7. Equipped with complete batching software, the system is stable, and the degree of intelligence is high.
8. Optional function: with formula import function.
9. Optional function: support the upload of production data.
Product introduction of automatic gravmitric and blending system equipment for premixed glue production
3. Improve the information management system of ingredient production:
1. Recipe management: input, storage, modification and deletion of recipes.
2. Production management: order placement, execution and raw material demand statistics.
3. Raw material management: adding and deleting raw materials.
4. Alarm management: alarm record, view and delete.
5. System parameters: mixing time, jog time, closing time, drop compensation, and hundreds of parameters such as bins, weighing hoppers, mixers, small hoppers, spray liquids, etc., to be manually set, modified and stored.
6. Production data: You can add, delete, and view the original production data.
7. Report statistics: Provide various production reports in various forms, which can meet the query requirements of different departments. All forms are available for download in Excel file format.

a. Continuous batching For some occasions that do not allow intermittent sequential batching work, or where continuous work is required, continuous batching can be used. Various materials are respectively weighed quantitatively, and at the same time added to the mixing hopper according to the set flow rate for mixing. The PID adjustment of each feed flow can be realized in PLC.

Features: continuous feeding or proportional feeding, high precision and fast speed.

b. Sequential batching or (additional batching) is more commonly used. Within a specified period of time, various materials are automatically controlled and sequentially added to the weighing hopper or (reactor) according to the set weight value, at any time Only one material is allowed to be added to the weighing hopper. The weighing control equipment detects the changes in the weight of the measured materials and controls the discharge valves of the corresponding material bins and the discharge valves of the weighing hopper. In special circumstances; manual operation can also be used to control the batching process.

Features: Only one set of weighing device is used for control, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low cost, but low precision for materials of smaller weight in the formula.

1. Manual/automatic explosion-proof platform scale control

The resin batching system screen is equipped with a working status display. When the batching is not batched or the batching is suspended, the batching auger can be turned on manually, but only one auger can be turned on at a time. On the screen, just click the corresponding silo unloading auger motor with the mouse, and a dialog box will pop up to operate the motor on/off. In the batching process, manual operation is invalid.

2. Material definition

Click the [Material Definition] button to open the material definition screen and fill in the name of all the formula raw materials to facilitate consumption statistics.

3. Formula setting

The formula setting must be carried out for the lubricant explosion-proof electronic scale reactor before the ingredients. Click the [Formula Setting] button, and the formula setting screen will pop up. The formula setting screen has the following parameters to fill in:

Auxiliary reaction kettle warehouse number: contains the raw material warehouse number to be batched; in batching control, the system automatically turns on the motor auger for batching according to the selected warehouse number.

Material name: Fill in the name of the material corresponding to the warehouse number, which can be Chinese, English, or numbers, but it must be consistent with the name in the [Material Definition] table.

The target weight value of the batching tank of the solvent explosion-proof electronic scale: the weight value (g/Kg) required to reach the various raw materials in the formula, which can also be said to be the theoretical value.

Quick feed advance: that is the frequency conversion amount. When starting, the frequency converter feeds quickly. When the actual weight of the measuring tank is still at this value from the target set weight, the mixing tank frequency converter changes from high frequency to low frequency, and enters slowly. Instant batching status. The value of this value is adjusted according to the actual situation. If it is too large, it will reduce the batching speed; if it is too small, it is easy to overshoot, thereby reducing the batching accuracy.

Slow increase in advance: that is, the value of the drop, the value of the material that falls into the hopper when the batching auger stops. The value of this value is adjusted according to the actual situation. If it is too large, the actual weight of the ingredients will be less; if it is too small, the actual weight of the ingredients will be greater.

4. Choose the formula

For the oil explosion-proof electronic scale reaction tank, click the [Select Formula] button, and the preset formula name will pop up. Select the formula name of the required ingredients in the reaction tank, and press [Confirm].

5. Import the formula

For the measuring tank, click the [Load formula] button, and a dialog box for inputting the formula name will pop up. Manually input the formula name of the required ingredients, and press [Confirm] for the measuring tank.

6. Save the recipe

Ingredients tank explosion-proof electronic scale. After the formula is modified, it needs to be saved to the current formula name or saved as another formula name. Click the [Save formula] button, and the ingredient tank will pop up the input formula name dialog box. The initial value is the current formula name, press [OK] You can save to the current formula name; if you save as another formula, manually enter the formula name and press [OK] to save as another formula name.

7. Delete the recipe

Click the [Delete Formula] button on the mixing tank explosion-proof electronic scale, and a confirmation dialog box will pop up. Press [OK] in the mixing tank to delete the currently displayed formula number.

8. Download the recipe

The batching kettle explosion-proof electronic scale clicks the [download formula] button to download the currently selected formula parameters to the PLC, and the batching kettle prompts and displays "the formula has been downloaded". Before the ingredients are produced, the ingredients kettle must download the selected formula name parameters, otherwise the weighing system will use the last formula ingredients.

9. Parameter setting

After the formulation of the explosion-proof electronic scale of the stirred tank is set, the batching control parameters need to be set. Click the [Parameter Setting] button, the stirring tank opens the control parameter setting screen, and set the parameters according to the production requirements:[Gravimetric blender]