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What is a Gravimetric blender

 Gravimetric blender Gravimetric blender are used in injection molding and extrusion industries. This is an automatic equipment that can automatically weigh and automatically mix various raw materials that need to be mixed in precise proportions. This is a mechanical equipment integrating weighing, metering and mixing. The weighing mixer will weigh the raw materials proportionally by weighing and measuring the degree, and then enter the mixing tank for raw material processing. High-speed impact and dispersion can achieve rapid mixing, dispersion and refinement of functional and efficient equipment. The measurement can be accurate to particles, and the mixing accuracy can be as high as ±0.1%. One device adopts PLC controller, after accurate weighing and mixing, it can mix multiple raw materials at the same time, has advanced batching algorithm, excellent production performance, automatic alarm and error correction function, stable operation, safe and reliable comprehensive technical characteristics. Technology to solve manual weighing errors and uneven mixing in production.

Composition of Gravimetric blender:

The main components of the weighing mixer include hoppers, racks, racks, weighing instruments, mixing barrels, PLC consoles, electric boxes, motors and other components.

Application range of Gravimetric blender:

The weighing mixer is suitable for mixing powder or granular materials in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, feed, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries.

Features of Gravimetric blender:

1. Modular and detachable structure design, saving space and easy to clean;
2. Use a dedicated weighing controller to ensure reliable performance and easy maintenance;
3. The automatic control calculation method, self-optimization and automatic adjustment function are adopted to ensure the accuracy of the ingredients (automatic correction and adjustment after each weighing. All materials are uniformly mixed after the gravity measurement, and the density can be strictly controlled). ;
4. Six kinds of raw materials can be processed at the same time;
5. Color graphic display, touch screen operation;
6. The weighing and volume mixing method increases the number of ingredients;
7. With formula storage function, 20 groups of formulas can be stored;
8. Hierarchical security password control and alarm history record function;
9. The USB data export function is optional, which is used to save the ratio data to facilitate production management;
10. It can be installed directly on the machine, or it can be installed next to the machine together with an optional tripod.

Operating instructions for Gravimetric blender:

1. Plug in the power first, then turn on the switch, the machine will start.
2. If the discharge port is not in your desired position, the weighing mixer must be jog until the discharge port stops at your desired position.
3. Before starting the machine, check whether the electrical appliances are normal and whether the cover of the mixing cylinder is tightly closed.
4. The controller is equipped with a standard USB2.0 interface, which can save the mixing ratio data to the U disk, which is convenient for production quality control.
5. Volume mixing metering mode increases the batching capacity; it has the function of formula storage, which can store more than 100 groups of formulas at most; the function of hierarchical security code control and alarm history
6. When the warning light flashes, please check whether the raw materials have been used up, or enter the system console panel to check whether there is a problem, and correct it in time. (Automatic error correction function)
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